A baby sling or a baby carrier?

A frequently asked question! What really suits you? We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each system, to simplify your choice!   What is better? A baby sling or a baby carrier? That’s a difficult question to answer. First of all, carrying your child is really fantastic and has a lot of advantages, whether in a baby sling or baby carrier.  You carry your child close to you and the skin-to-skin contact makes your child feel comfortable, cozy and secure.  In addition, your child is in a good spread position both in a well-tied baby sling and in baby carrier.

Baby sling

Baby SlingMany people believe it is complicated to tie a baby sling, because of its length. After all, the average baby sling has a length of 4.6 – 5.2 mtr. 

  • Practice makes perfect. It’s like cycling or tying your shoelaces.
    Each time you tie a baby sling, your tie will become better and more comfortable.
  • A baby sling always fits. Everyone can use it and you don’t have to adjust it every time. A baby sling is comfortable and ensures an optimum support. Very pleasant if you are suffering from shoulder-, neck-, pelvic- and back complaints.

Advantages of a baby sling:

  • Perfect fit for new-born, strong enough to carry toddlers
  • Very weight distribution. Perfect for people suffering from neck- and back complaints
  • Allows various ties, more than 20 different ties.
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Durable, you can use it for a very long time, for a second child as well

Disadvantages of a baby sling:

  • It takes some time to learn how to tie it
  • If it is raining or you tie it on a dirty surface, the sling will be lying on the floor while tying

Baby carrier

Baby carriers are available in all kinds of types and sizes.

It can be fully be adjusted. It means it can support your child optimally. The legs are supported from knee to knee, buttocks are not lower than the knees and the back can retain its natural bulge.
A baby carrier that only supports the buttocks, not the legs,

The advantages of baby carrier: 

  • Fast and easy adjustment
  • You don’t have to learn how a tie
  • A baby carrier is compact, easy to take with you
  • Not much fabric, no long parts. Easy to carry even if the floor is wet or dirty

Disadvantages of Baby Carrier:

  • Not comfortable for people suffering from neck-, shoulder- or back problems
  • A baby sling is more comfortable for new-borns.
  • Less durable.
  • The Pure Baby Love is available from size 50/56 to size 98 (2-2,5 years).

Conclusion: A baby carrier should be fully adjustable, comfortable and have a soft back



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