Aloe Vera Gel- The Perfect Remedy for Universe

“In a world full of red roses, be someone’s Aloe Vera having 101 qualities of cure.”

I grew up in India, always outside and with too much sun. My grandmother was forever cutting aloe vera leaves off and rubbing them on our red cheeks. Now I’m doing it with my Fellow friends and kins. Aloe Vera originated in the Arabian Peninsula but the medicinal properties of the plant were quickly noticed. It’s been traded and distributed everywhere. Aloe Vera is a succulent plant and does not need much care or waterAnd if you live in another gardening zone, Aloe grows well in a container. Traditional medicine has always interested me, but I’m pro-science. If you have a simple sunburn, Aloe Vera is great. If you have 3rd degree burns, go to the emergency room.

There are many different types of environmental green, natural health remedies available to consumers who grow their own fruits, vegetables and plants in their homes. The aloe vera plant is no exception. In fact, aloe benefits more than just dry, flaky skin. It also does more than just work as an excellent treatment for moisturizing skin.

Aloe benefits the entire body as a whole. It is also commonly found in so many of beauty products. aloe vera plant contains many essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C and F as well as B1 (thiamine), B2 and B6.
It also contains small amounts of:
• calcium
• copper
• chromium
• sodium
• selenium
• magnesium
• potassium
• manganese
• zinc

Aloe Vera is a renewable resource. You can grow and harvest this plant super fast. There is no need for single use plastic containers to store it, you simply pull off a leaf when you need it. You can freeze for sunburn care or make juice on your own juice. This green leaf is such a green sustainable multi-tasker. I know so many people going minimal and zero waste for 2020, consider adding this plant to your supply list!

How to use Aloe Vera?

You can apply fresh aloe gel directly to your skin or follow this recipe to make a homemade beauty product. It can also be added to food, smoothies, and drinks.

To make aloe juice, use 1 cup of water or juice for every 2 tablespoons of aloe gel. Include any other ingredients, like fruit, and use a blender or food processor to mix up your healthy drink

Environmental, Green Skin Care

Vitamins A, C, and F are all important antioxidants found in natural health remedies such as aloe. Benefits of these vitamins include keeping the skin, soft and supple. Vitamins within the aloe vera plant also help with moisturizing skin. When the skin has adequate moisture, it helps to hinder the aging process. This is accomplished by delivering valuable nutrients to the skin, which help to protect the skin and combat various types of environmental stress.

The Aloe Vera Plant Helps Treat a Minor Skin Burn

The aloe vera plant has soothing properties, which help treat minor skin burns. Aloe benefits the skin in in a variety of ways. Aloe can be used for treating a bad sunburn from the scorching sun and/or a skin burn received from the touch of a hot stove or oven. The reason why it works as a great treatment for these common ailments is because the aloe plant leaves contain substances within them that have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Aloe Vera Toothpaste?

Aloe vera toothpaste and mouthwash are natural options for improving oral hygiene and reducing plaque.

Clears acne

Using aloe vera on your face may help clear up acne. Fresh seems to work best from various youtube reviews, but you can always purchase aloe products designed for acne, including cleansers, toners, and creams.

An Ideal Canker Sore Treatment?

Little do people know that aloe benefits canker sores. The aloe vera plant can be used as a canker sore treatment. Natural health remedies such as the aloe vera plant, also helps with inflammation and even alleviates pain. This makes it an ideal environmental green, canker sore treatment for those who experience discomfort with one of these unsightly sores.

The aloe vera plant has numerous uses, which can help people save money in the long-run. Not only is it all natural, but it can be used for a variety of natural health remedies. Aloe benefits more than just the cosmetic aspects of skin. The aloe plant also helps alleviate the sting of skin burns and is an excellent agent for moisturizing skin. Aloe also helps to ease pain and discomfort from the irritation of a canker sore. This all natural health remedy is also good for the environment.

How to apply Aloe Vera Gel?

Face and under eye gel with cucumber –
Blend together aloe vera gel and cucumber.
Strain through a cheesecloth to extract the juice.
Add witch hazel, and gelatine. The gelatine helps to set the under-eye gel. Gently heat the mixture. Heat till the mix starts to thicken.
Cool the mixture and add the extracted juice.
Pour in a bottle and use.
Hydrating Aloe vera gel for face with Vitamin E –
Mix aloe vera gel with vitamin E oil.
Add citric acid, essential oil or extract of your choice.
Bottle for use.
Simple Aloe Vera Face Scrub –
Take aloe vera gel and ground oatmeal in the ratio 5: 1.
Add pinch of baking soda for preservation.
Bottle for use.
Aloe Vera face & skin salve –
Take fresh aloe vera gel and add a low IV oil like olive or coconut oil.
Add beeswax (1 part of beeswax for 2 parts for chosen oil)
Heat the mixture in a double boiler.
Cool and store in a jar for use.

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