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What is a Hair Serum?

Published on: Mar 19, 2020


What is a Hair Serum?
Newish hair serum is designed as a hair care solution that presents your hair from getting tangled while giving it that softness and shine.


Newish hair serum always helps you in protecting your hair against exposure to the sun and protection like dust and going every time you step outdoor. Also, it helps to protect your hair from the environment and also from heat styling damages.


Why should Do you use hair serum?

Hair serum is like a magic potion that will make your hair lack healthy from inside out.

Hair serum has different benefits that make hair more moisturized, shiny, healthier also serum reduces the effect of over styling.


Method of applying hair serum:-

1.            Wash your hair.

2.            Apply two drops of serum for the entire hair.

3.            Don’t apply on the scalp just apply on the tips.


4.            Don’t wash your hair after applying the serum.

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