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Newish Hair care Combo for Red onion Shampoo And Hair Growth serum Men and Women

Newish Hair care Combo for Red onion Shampoo And Hair Growth serum Men and Women

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Get strong and lustrous hair with Newish Red onion shampoo and Hair Growth serum. This shampoo may help tackle hair loss, scalp buildups and dull, weak hair. The shampoo and hair Growth serum formulated with natural ingredients, helps strengthen hair follicles and clarify blocked roots.

Newish brings you Hair Growth Serum for both men and women hair. We have created this intensive super food for your hair to address the concerns like thin and dull hair, slow hair growth and hair fall. It is packed with nourishing vitamins and hair strengthening nutrients. Our serum is perfect easy-to-use, non-greasy leave-in treatment. Newish serum will definitely and effectively help to repair damage. It controls hair falling and stimulates hair growth while creating volume, leaving your hair radiant, strong, soft and silky. It works best with time and consistent application. For noticeable and realistic results, use this serum daily for at least 3 months. Apply directly on the affected area on the scalp. Spray the serum and spread it evenly with your fingertips on the impacted area until absorbed. Do not rinse, leave to dry. We know you will love our product. Onion shampoo Is your hair showing signs of damage – split ends, dryness, roughness or hair fall. The secret of how to repair damaged hair. A strengthening shampoo that helps to treat the signs of damage with two-way care for both long and short-term results . Give your hair the essential care it deserves with Newish onion shampoo. The intense repair shampoo works to restore the health and shine of your hair. It contains fibre actives, which penetrate your hair and rebuild damaged hair, to renew the lost gloss and vigour and give life to your damaged hair. Gentle enough for daily use
SKU CodeNW-51-35-45
Model NumberNW-51-35-45


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